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Offshore Relief Well after a Perforation Incident



Relief Well interception and milling of a blow-out well for reentry and killing operations


An offshore rig was evacuated after multiple killing attempts when gas expressions at surface were observed around the platform where one well was suffering from a well control incident during the perforation.
Following the blowout, PathControl was contacted to assist the Operator to design and execute the relief well.

Applied Solution

Planning Phase:

  • Analysis of the target and offset wells trajectories
  • Enhanced Advanced Survey Management corrections of wellbores positioning.
  • Definition of adequate collaborative workflow between all relief well stakeholders.
  • Recommendations for survey program design to ensure accurate relief well wellbore positioning.

On-site 24/7 Execution Support:

  • Monitoring of directional drilling and wellbore surveying.
  • Independent collision avoidance analysis.
  • Ranging data interpretation and ranging runs optimization.
  • Specific relief well planning.
  • Interception and milling modelling

Impact & Added Value

The magnetic ranging strategy was detailed and explained to the whole drilling team prior starting the relief well operations.

Through improved wellbore accuracy and reduced positioning uncertainty, the target well trajectory reconstruction process is extremely valuable. This minimizes the required number of magnetic ranging runs to achieve a successful intercept “at first-attempt”.

The full support during this project ensured a total of 15 ranging runs to ensure the soft-touch and successful milling operations.

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