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Become an Expert
in Survey Management

From traditional classroom-based programmes to online training, PathControl provides advanced and customized training in the field of survey management, collision avoidance, well planning, relief well design...

The objective of the training course is to acquire a deep understanding about wellbore surveying notions such as:

Directional Well Planning

Survey Tools

Error Model

Collision Avoidance

PathControl courses offer substantial overview of all calculation methods, best practices and main recommendations for collision avoidance policy at well planning & execution stages. A strong emphasis will be put on the understanding of theoretical background of the wellbore position accuracy.

Live Online

Real time, interactive online course

Online Programme

Self-paced digital edicational experiences

Classroom Training

Face to face, in depth tailored classes

Our Customized Training for your needs...

Our solutions and programs can be adapted to suit your business needs, operational demand and training timelines either online, face-to-face or as a blended approach. Your learning outcomes will be the guiding principle behind any proposed solution.

Our Area of Expertise


Survey Correction

Coordinates System

Error Models


Survey Program

Trajectory Reconstruction

Collision Avoidance

Database Integrity

Target Sizing

Survey Tools

Proximity Computation

Advanced QAQC Survey

Ranging Technologies

"Excellent training for me. The training has been done when I most needed"

We trained in Russia, China, Angola, France, Nigeria, UK, Argentina

PathControl’s expertise has been required in multiple critical projects. All relief well challenges have been led successfully all over the world relying on our survey management and collision avoidance analyses. With relief well drilling operations to intercept and kill a blow-out well, all most advanced techniques are mastered. This experience brings a level of expertise that can be easily shared with drilling engineer trainees to assess the potential improvement that can be brought to their own projects !

Through shared case studies and students examples, the advanced survey management, collision avoidance, relief well topics are discussed and feedbacks give a very honest review of the provided training:

"Specific examples made the course very relevant and interesting"

"Training was very timely and efficiently delivered“

Help in providing technical knowledge which can be used for decision making, with case examples used to demonstrate application of techniques.

Direct impact on drilling project wellbore positioning techniques and collision avoidance management decision making.

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