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Advanced Survey
Management Platform

PathControl is a leading R&D company focusing on developing new innovative solutions to assess survey quality and corrections.

All solutions are continuously being implemented in a proprietary WellTrack® software, completed by patented technology.

IFR Drone Deployment

In-Field-Referencing magnetic survey can be done using drone deployment. Drone technology provides a flexible solution, offshore and onshore, to perform local high-density measurements of the magnetic field.

Mitigating the effects of drone magnetization can be done using vector magnetometers, delivering data meets industry standards and are accurate to the nano-tesla range.

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Diurnal variation of the local magnetic field due to the solar activity can be monitored in real-time during the field development project.

For this purpose, PathControl and its partner will install a human size local and temporal magnetic observatory, next to the operations, with a satellite connection to the remote local observatory.

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BHA sag is the misalignment of the directional sensor with the borehole direction due to deflection of the MWD drill collar under gravity and borehole curvature. The magnitude of the error depends on BHA type and geometry, sensor spacing, hole size and several other factors.

This source of error on well inclination can represent up to 80% of the inclination error budget and should be taken into account for improved TVD wellbore placement. We use a third party full 3D Stiff Sting BHA deflection model to correct the inclination error, while applying the complete methodology described in SPE 102088 - Improved BHA Sag Correction and Uncertainty Evaluation Brings Value to Wellbore Placement.

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Slide Rotate Pattern

Slide Rotate Pattern effect was first described in SPE Paper 779917 - Continuous Direction and Inclination Measurements Lead to an Improvement in Wellbore Positioning.

Industry standard uses the minimum curvature to rebuild the trajectory in-between two surveys spaced 90 ft. However it does not represent the true nature of wellbore geometry in slide/rotate directional drilling with steerable systems. The difference can quantify as much as 10 ft every 1000 ft drilled in terms of TVD difference.

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BHA Axial interferences

Analysis of expected drillstring interference can anticipate a possible issue that would affect survey azimuth readings. BHA should be free of external magnetic interference when surveying with MWD tool.

Our experts will review and advise on planned BHA, to ensure correct non-magnetic spacing.

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Multi Station Analysis

PathControl has developed its own proprietary Multi Station Analysis, based on a combined solution from the state of the art physics of noise analysis and cancelling, and  an advanced AI solution based on all processed MSA worldwide over the last 10 years.

This solution has been extensively field proven, against industry recognised MSA solution, but also during high profile challenging wells, such as relief well, P&As, or optimised multi-drain placement in reservoir.

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Depth Stretch

Depth accuracy is particularly important to properly evaluate the formation evaluation and model the producing reservoir.  Errors in absolute depth measurement can propagate into mapping, estimation of fluid contact depths and structural interpretations.
Depth reconciliation between several depth measurement sources will lead to define with higher accuracy the true along hole depth. These sources are generally wireline depth, driller’s depth, geological top formations, logging while drilling LWD logs depth.

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Casing Magnetization

During the design of an exploration well or development well, a Blow Out Contingency Plan is required to cover the event of such incident. It is commonly believed that a relief well would have to be drilled using ranging technology. In cases of salt formations where active ranging methods are ineffective, or to aid in well avoidance in densely spaced fields; casing magnetization is a solution that provides additional margin of safety at low cost and no risk to the wellbore.

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Patented PCTrack® 3D Technology

The Passive Magnetic Ranging (PMR) is a non-intrusive ranging technique that enables to estimate the distance and the direction from the position of the MWD in the drilling well to a nearby well with the presence of a casing, liner, BHA (fish) or any drilling equipment. Passive Magnetic Ranging is based on the analysis of the magnetic raw data sensors measurement of the MWD over the range of multiple survey shots taken at different measured depths.
PathControl has developed a unique PMR solution called PCTrack® Ranging Technology that not only determines the distance and direction from the reference well to the target well, but that also associates quantitative relative uncertainties (distance and direction) based on resolution method used, noise identified, input parameters accuracy and raw data quality.

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Milling modeling

Once the target well has been intercepted, the milling procedure should be applied meticulousness.
3D milling modeling solution powered by PathControl allows, by integration of the 3D context :

  • Drilling well & target well trajectories and associated ellipsoids of uncertainty.
  • Stiff string detailed milling assembly, toolface and bend angle.
  • Milling bit.
  • Target casing diagram size, type and weight, etc…

To define the best milling assembly settings in order to achieve a successful milling operation on first milling attempt.

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WellTrack® Software

Our proprietary software solution WellTrack®, includes but is not limited to :

  • Full database gross error scan
  • Well planning  
  • Survey program & error model customization
  • Collision avoidance calculations
  • Multi-tools MWD & gyro overlap analysis
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