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Well Placement optimization and safety

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Advanced Survey Management techniques
for improved wellbore positioning.

Improvements in Measurement While Drilling (MWD) service reliability and Gyro measurement have made these tools the most cost-effective method for calculating wellbore survey position while drilling.

Well placement is about addressing the accuracy of the well trajectory from its surface to its current depth. PathControl offers a wide range of services covering the complete suite of well placement multidisciplinary requirements: 

Surface Coordinates Reference Systems & Geodetics
Setting-up an IFR Model & Geomagnetics
Well Planning & Survey Program design
Performing Survey Analysis and Corrections
Performing Real-Time collision avoidance & running Passive Magnetic Ranging services
Building and maintaining a QC’ed Trajectory Database free from gross errors

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We are passionate about survey management and committed to develop the best solutions and technologies to satisfy the customer's needs for well placement of more complex trajectories and more challenging targets.

Reducing vertical and lateral uncertainty has become the new goal!

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