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Relief Well Management

Well control is the process of maintaining pressure inside the drilled wellbore in a manner that prevents gas or fluids from underground reservoirs flowing into the wellbore and escaping to the environment in an uncontrolled manner.

A well blowout occurs when pressure release systems fail. They can also occur if a spark or flame contacts the oil or for other reasons. Such event should be anticipated with a proper emergency response that should be detailed in a Blow Out Contingency Plan (BOCP) which describes both the surface intervention and the required relief well to be executed in order to retake control over the well.

We deliver specialized engineering services to plan and execute Relief Well.

Why Trust us to execute Intercept Wells ?

Over the last 15 years, PathControl has developed a unique field-proven methodology to deliver over 50 efficient and successful first-pass intercept relief wells. It requires complementary multi-disciplinary skills, including advanced survey management, collision avoidance management, ranging technologies and directional drilling control.

Our worldwide recognized relief well expertise is an asset for all well interceptions, such as geothermal project, river crossing and Plug&Abandons.

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