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Operating Centre

24/7 Support

Real-Time Operations Center, dedicated to monitor
and analyze your drilling surveys 24/7

Our 24/7 Real-Time Operations Centre is dedicated to monitoring your surveys, analyzing and correcting them, when necessary, perform projections ahead and run real-time collision avoidance.
We continuously analyze your site data to provide direct assistance and advice to your field team. Raw data, actual and definitive surveys are delivered with a track record of data quality and applied corrections.


  • On-demand support with flexible and light format (remote 24/7 or daily, by shift review).
  • State of the art QA/QC and correction process independently applied by third-party.
  • Improved accuracy of wellbore positioning inside the reservoir.
  • Reach adequate separation between horizontal drains.
  • Get real-time drilling accuracy improvement and increase driller target.
  • Enhance geosteering efficiency and good landing of well in sweet spot.
  • Improve engineering performance analysis.
  • Improve TVD accuracy for LWD tie in.

Why choose PathControl RTOC?

  • Directional drilling survey monitoring and optimization
  • Real-time IFR+MSA Solution
  • Real-time TVD Wellbore placement
  • Lateral uncertainty reduction in real-time
  • Landing in reservoir
  • Real-time geosteering
  • Collision avoidance monitoring
  • Jetting support
  • Advanced survey redundancy & QC
  • Real-time Passive Magnetic Ranging PCTrack® technology
  • High frequency surveys QC

At a glance

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday 24/7


Well Assistance


Advanced survey management
Collision avoidance
Proximity monitoring


Abu Dhabi, UAE

We are Pathcontrol

Your survey management partner delivering services for Survey Management, Wellbore Positioning and Well Interception.

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