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Advanced Survey Management

Reduce your uncertainty by up to 80%

Survey management services from PathControl are inline with ISCWSA (SPE WPTS) latest state of the art survey management guideline and process.

PathControl provides continuous development of innovative and advanced solutions to analyze survey quality data helps improving the drilling operations profitability.

Following services are designed for geologists, geophysicists, and drillers who need highly accurate wellbore positioning :

  • TVD wellbore placement
  • Lateral wellbore placement
  • Survey program optimization
  • Collision avoidance
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TVD Wellbore Placement

Measured Depth and directional sensor inclination, either from MWD or Gyro, are the two main parameters impacting overall True Vertical Depth (TVD) error.

The difference between the minimum curvature method trajectory reconstruction and the true well path drilled using a directional (slide/rotate) motor assembly or RSS is also impacting the TVD accuracy.

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Lateral Wellbore Placement

The reference geomagnetic field is essential and a key parameter to derive precisely the wellbore azimuth from magnetic measurements. The lateral uncertainty of the drilling wellbore is therefore directly linked to the level of accuracy of the reference geomagnetic field.

Our solution enables to reduce well lateral uncertainty by up to 60% by applying dedicated solutions to each well drilled; with a specific focus on short collar correction, In Field Referencing and Multi Station Analysis.

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Survey Program Optimization

This service consists in reviewing or optimizing a given survey program to make it cost-effective, define survey tools to be run and when, define QA/QC to be run in order to execute the drilling operations in regards of the survey manual rule and the drilling objectives.

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Collision Avoidance

With the increased number of wells per platform, the in-fill drilling applications and the production that needs to be optimised using multiple lateral drains, collision avoidance has become even more critical.

The financial impact of shutting in production wells on platforms or repairing damaged wells for HSE reasons have pushed the industry to develop and implement advanced standards and rules to monitor collision avoidance issues with adjacent producing wells.

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