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Shallow Fast-Track Plug & Abandon Interception Well



Plug & Abandon well with soft touch, milling and reentry in target well tubing


Most P&As of wells are done from surface. Unfortunately, many old wells are left with no surface access and require dedicated interception. For those wells, the ability to deliver quick and accurate interceptions is crucial. PathControl combines the expertise of directional drilling, surveying and ranging to optimize these operations.

Applied Solution

PathControl's proprietary software "ASMP" provides adequate tools to tackle all project's objectives:

  • Fast approach with limited risks with dedicated uncertainty management.
  • Proper alignment and incidence using combined ranging data of Passive Magnetic Ranging (PMR) interpretation thanks to PCTrack® technology and Active Magnetic Ranging (AMR).
  • Appropriate soft-touch to mill into target well for re-entry into tubing fish.

Impact & Added Value

This process is made possible by using the "ASMP" software, independent from the ranging providers. It enables building the best model to fit the proximity and direction of the target well ranging results.

Then, the drilling interval between each ranging run can be optimized and successful soft touch with good alignment is achieved at first attempt. The combination of mutiple ranging technologies and surveying tools eventually allows optimizing the predictability of the target well behaviour and reducing the overall intercept well drilling duration.

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