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Improve your lateral wellbore placement

The reference geomagnetic field is essential and a key parameter to derive precisely the wellbore azimuth from magnetic measurements.

The lateral uncertainty of the drilling wellbore is directly linked to the level of accuracy of the reference geomagnetic field.

The reference geomagnetic properties can be known from various magnetic observatories that measure the earth magnetic field and derive a worldwide magnetic mapping. Earth magnetic models such as IGRF, BGGM and HDGM provide the oil and gas industry such magnetic field mapping. Some models provide fit for purpose results better than regular ones, depending on the survey type, target and engineering application.

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Geomagnetic Data Processing

The IFR geomagnetic service is an invaluable service to enable drilling in locations with large crustal magnetic offsets where geological anomalies distort the magnetic field and invalidate the use of the global BGGM and HDGM geomagnetic models.
In most part of the Earth, geomagnetic data may have been surveyed and acquired  by diverse companies or/and entities.

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Local & Spatial IFR Set-up

The aim of PathControl is to provide a local and spatial geomagnetic field measurement by performing direct measurement close to or at the drilling operation site. The principle is to measure the geomagnetic reference field locally at different measurement stations, for example on a designed spaced grid 10 * 10 kms (depending on the location and the size of the field).

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Local & Temporal IFR Set-up

Human Size Autonomous Magnetic Observatory unlocks access to Real-Time IFR data for all projects.
Geomagnetic reference field may vary from day to day depending on external perturbations such as solar activity. Drilling may even have to be stopped during solar storm to avoid any well misplacement or collision issue. To prevent such event, one can measure in real-time the geomagnetic activity close to the operations.

PathControl and its partner will install a human size local and temporal magnetic observatory as to provide a real-time measurement of the local geomagnetic field during the oil or gas field development project.

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