Fabien Momot
Head of operations

Fabien is head of PathControl Operations with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. He published multiple scientific papers about technical projects worldwide. He now leads well engineers remotely as well as on-site or on-rig whenever PathControl's support is needed.

“I'm driven by delivering quality. Going the extra-mile to create the value for the customer is the priority I share with the team. It is critical to build a solid partnership with our customers by providing the level of expertise that is exceeding our customers' expectations within the required time frame. Customer satisfaction is my greatest reward”.

Fabien has planned and executed numerous relief wells and conducted several successful IFR campaigns across the world. He continues leading well placement projects while developing new business opportunities.

Fabien soon oriented his profil to international experiences as he graduated with a double Master of Sciences in Geophysics from the Technical University of Delft (NL) and from the ETH Zürich (Switzerland) after having completed a Master of Sciences in Mechanics from the French engineering school Mines de Nancy.

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