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Your Survey Management Partner


Your Survey Management Partner

Developing innovative technology for wellbore placements & intercept wells.

PathControl is an independent company delivering services for survey management, wellbore positioning and well interception.

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions and
technical assistance to our customer in the following fields:

Our Well Placement Services

Our Well Intercept Services

Our Commitment

"Your Well Integrity is our Priority"
Optimize Production While Drilling Safely

Improved wellbore placement enhance collision avoidance and drilling safety.

Advanced survey management optimizes your well placement within the reservoir and increases productivity.

Our expertise allows delivering expert wellbore positioning services globally, with onsite and remote support for survey management and intercept well projects.

Our Work

Well Placement
Well Intercept
Multiple Services

Our Customers

What our customers say about us?



"PathControl personnel taken proactive action during the preparation and execution. They work flawlessly during all the stage. They also willing to be consulted after the peration finished."



"Specific examples made the course very relevant and interesting"



"This training was an excellent opportunity to cover the theoretical basis of collision avoidance. This will allow us improving well planning and apply more rigorous QC'ing to the received data"

We are Pathcontrol

Your survey management partner delivering services for Survey Management, Wellbore Positioning and Well Interception.

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